AdWare 2.03

Advanced Adware protection for mobile.

Advanced Adware protection for mobile.

Advanced Adware protection for mobile. Adware remover with a live protection mode option

Is your device safe from threats? AdWare detects adwares on your phone or tablet and easily offers you to remove them. The live protection automatically alerts you if an adware or malware is found when you install a new app

A lot of Ad Networks now push ads to the standard Android notification bar, install icons on the mobile desktop, modify browser bookmarks and default homepage.

With AdWare, you will be able to know which app is responsible for these ads and will be able to remove them easily. It also works as an airpush detector and remover, a virus remover, an ad blocker.

Adware improves your security. Keep your mobile safe and don't hesitate to use also antivirus.

Currently detected Ad Networks include:

• AdFonic

• AdKnowledge

• Admia

• AdMob

• Aduru

• AdWhirl

• AirAd

• AirPush

• Appenda

• Burstly

• BuzzCity

• Casee

• Cauly

• Everbadge

• GreyStripe

• InMobi

• JumpTap

• LeadBolt

• LogiaAd

• MDotM

• Medialets

• Millennial

• MobClix

• MobFox

• MOcean

• Moolah Media

• MoPub

• Pontiflex

• Smaato

• StartApp

• Tapit!

• TapJoy

• Vdopia

• Vserv

• Youmi

• ZestAdz

• PingJam

• AppFlood

• TapContext

• AppGrade

• MobileCore

• AppWiz

• Adbuddiz

• GamesChart

• StartApp PostCall


INTERNET: to update adware database

VIBRATE: when an adware is detected

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AdWare 2.03

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